Love a Raffle?

Do you love a raffle? You know the kind, the one for the local club or school or small business. We’re not talking about the big state lotteries!

Do you buy that ticket (or a book of tickets) when you get the chance?

I know TheBeauty doesn’t understand my love for a raffle.

I mean I don’t buy the official state lottery, never been a fan. I’d rather buy the surf club or sports club meat tray raffle ticket or help the local school or small business by buying a ticket or two for their raffles.

Never hurts to spend money on things like that. It always helps the local community and is returned 10 times to the local community.

If you love a raffle, then you’ll want to know about our up coming raffles.

We can’t give away a meat tray. Don’t think our post service would do the delivery and besides I need my meat 😉

The 2 raffles we’re doing are:

  1. Axel’s Gold and
  2. A Merry XXXmas

These are the kind of raffles you want to be in coz we have some amazing prizes for you to win.

And you can’t win it if you’re not in it!

The names might already give you an idea of the sort of prizes you might win.

We’re going to post more information about the raffles really soon. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out!

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