TheBeauty TheBeast Mystery Box

We love to party, to shop and to f@*k. We also know how much these things mean to you our fans and followers.

That’s why we’re now offering TheBeauty TheBeast Mystery Box.

We want everyone to have a slice of the action and every month or so, you will have the opportunity to buy the TheBeauty TheBeast Mystery Box.

What’s in it you ask?

Well we’re not going to tell you! That’s why it’s a Mystery Box.

It could be filled with jewellery or art or branded lingerie. There could be some sentimental items or signed photos or things like our favourite kind of chocolate.

It might have our favourite kind of masturbator, dildo or vibrator. Perhaps a box of our favourite variety of condoms or cock rings.

It could even have bath water from TheBeast in it.

Okay that’s a little too far!

Don’t worry it will NEVER EVER have bath water from TheBeast in it.

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That’s the thing – you just never know that’s why it’s called a Mystery Box. But you will absolutely get your money worth!

And we even take care of the Postage and Handling!

Be quick we don’t want you to miss out!!!

Other Places You can Buy our Mystery Box

Get it through ManyVids

Get it through SendOwl

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