New Year’s Special: Tributes ONLY $5

To celebrate the New Year, Axel is offering to tribute a picture you supply for ONLY $5

Axel loves celebrating New Year. It’s like the biggest celebration in his calendar! 

It’s even bigger to him than his own birthday! Can you believe it?!?

And because we love sharing the love 😉 he’s offering to tribute a picture you supply for ONLY $5. That’s right he will send you a sweet tribute for $5. 

It’s a limited time offer though and the offer lasts until 3 January.

If you want more than 1 picture tributed it’s only an extra $2.50 for each additional picture.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to book a viewing of your tribute. But I’m pretty sure if you offer the right price, he’ll make an exception.

He’s been tributing pictures for a decade. We’d provide some samples but we can’t betray peoples’ confidence and privacy. 

And that means your privacy is going to be protected too!

He doesn’t ask questions but he does need a name and a back story, unless you want him to make it up. 

But a name is a must. He says it helps him muster up a huge tribute. It doesn’t have to be a real name. It’s not like he’ll know if you’re telling the truth.

You’ll get more than just the tribute picture. He’ll provide a picture of him warming up, an erect one on the picture, a couple of action pictures and of course the main event, the tribute!

Don’t miss out on this amazing New Year special!

Stay horny!

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