Why we don’t do free trials

The adult entertainment industry has been cut throat from the very beginning.

It’s never been one filled with kindness. But it’s great to see that there is a big push to have more kindness and more collaboration between performers, entertainers, stars and content creators.

While there’s more kindness and collaboration, there remains the pressure from prospective customers – fans – subscribers etc to provide free trials, videos and pictures.

This has always been a problem. And it’s not likely to go away any time soon.

But what we won’t do is undervalue our bodies; the toll it takes to deliver our entertainment and content; and the time it takes to deliver our content. 

It’s our opinion that giving free trials, videos and pictures undervalues us and does not result in customers paying for the content. There is certainly no evidence that providing a free trial leads to increased customer loyalty.

There’s a reason that most businesses in the world don’t provide free trials; and we won’t do it either.

We’re sorry if you have a problem with that but we just won’t do it. 

But we do have a sampler.

If that’s something you’re interested in let us know but don’t ask for free trials, videos or pictures.

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