Music to get you moving

Music can have a huge impact on mood and emotions. There’s even music for Monday mornings!

For me music can be a real kick starter. It can help me get into the groove to get work done and sort out things.

I even have music that I queue up to help me get through the house work.

Music is one of those things around the world that everyone has a reaction too.

The right music can help you feel in the mood and feel sexy and confident.

And then there’s the music that makes you feel down or just isn’t your sort of music and puts you off.

If you’ve caught our live shows you know we enjoy a range of music and we have a great playlist to get us going. You can find our playlist on Spotify.

Both of us enjoy different music and we have our own tastes. For Yuka she likes music from Bieber and Bon Jovi. And I’m not a huge fan of Bieber or the slower songs from Bon Jovi.

Though we find enough common ground for our tastes in music to create a playlist to groove to and get the party started.

But we want to know – what sort of music gets you moving and in the mood?

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