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Of course higher tier subscribers get more benefits and greater access to us and what we get up to.

Here are the subscriber tiers

Newsletter Tier – $5/month

This is the most basic tier and gives very limited access. Still gotta buy the content to enjoy it!

Gold Tier – $10/month

The level gets you a little more access. The “fun” content is a cheaper to buy and you get access to the Discord.

Platinum Tier – $20/month

Now you’ll start getting the good stuff for very special prices, higher priority on our socials and more access through Discord with special role and channels.

Super Fan – $35/mth

Super Fans get much higher priority on our socials and Discord with a special role and channels, get 4 free videos, suggest the kind of content we should make, Birthday messages and special invites to our online events and IRL events in your area.

Super Huge Fan – $60/mth

Once you’re at this level you get almost full access, your suggestions are taken a lot more seriously, you get the hot content, special Birthday and joining anniversary messages, invites to online events, our coffee chats and to any event we hold in your area.

The Ultimate Fan – $100/mth

At this level you are the King (or Queen) and have almost round the clock access and priority with a really special Discord role and channels. You get all the perks of the Super Huge Fan plus a special video we create just for you each year.

Plus you get told way before anyone else about new content releases and special preview access!

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