Tag: spiritual health

  • Our connection with the Other World

    We both have a very strong belief in the supernatural, the paranormal and the world that exists in our world. We call it the Other World. Are you a believer?

  • Art is an aphrodisiac

    Art is an incredible medium for expressing a lot of things. It can express feelings, sensations and moods. And everyone seems to have opinions about art. But it’s a powerful aphrodisiac too!

  • It’s not just all adult fun!

    We’re not just all about adult fun and entertainment. We love to shop too! Yuka is one of the best shoppers around. She always finding great bargains for quality items. Check out what we love to shop for!

  • Mikasa The Supernaturalist

    Find greater financial freedom, rekindle a lost love, help with restoring beauty and attraction, and provide remedies for ailments (mental, physical or spiritual) that hinder or block your own internal power.