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  • Got a favorite sex toy(s)?

    Heading to the adult store or shopping for toys online feels pretty common place these days. Do you have a favorite sex toy?

  • PREVIEW: TheBeast reviews masturbators

    PREVIEW: TheBeast reviews masturb@tors! Everything you wanted to know and somethings you didn’t!

  • TheBeauty TheBeast Reviews…Masturbators

    We’re sure you’re going to be fascinated by the range of masturbators. Axel was definitely surprised by the range! Check out the review!

  • TheBeauty TheBeast Reviews

    “TheBeauty TheBeast Reviews” is a video project or show or whatever you want to call it, but it’s about testing and reviewing adult products and services so you get the scoop on What’s Hot, What’s Not and What’s Hell Nooo! We know what it’s like to look at the huge range of toys, aides and…

  • What should we review?

    There are lots of adult products and services out there. They all make massive claims about how great their product and/or service is. Let us know what we should review!