Feasting Favorites?

Yuka and I love to eat different foods.

Living in Melbourne we are pretty blessed. There is food from just about every part of the world. You don’t have to travel far or look too hard to find amazing food.

Axel does a pretty good steak!

In our own backyard we have quick access to amazing Vietnamese food, different varieties of Indian food, and Chinese food – not the fast food, greasy kind.

We can easily get classic Italian food along with a huge list of pizza places to choose from. There is great Thai food and Malaysian food. And there’s a host of African (mostly Ethiopian and northern Africa) restaurants. There’s also food from Turkey and a growing number of Afghan restaurants.

On top of all of this are the numerous chicken and chip shops where you can get some amazing roast and fried chicken with a great helping of chips covered in chicken salt. These places are a personal favorite of mine.

We can even get American style hotdogs and burgers and we’re not talking about McDonalds or Hungry Jacks (Burger King if you’re not from Australia).

Probably the only thing we’re really missing these days are the good old fish and chip shops.

If we’re looking for somewhere to go we love to go to local Vietnamese restaurants or head to the local Malaysian restaurant.

Yuka loves her food spicy with plenty of chili (or at least chili sauce) and the local Vietnamese and Malaysian restaurants never fail to deliver.

Sometimes we’ll order pizza and pasta for a ‘Netflix and chill’ evening.

But definitely our favorite feasting options are the local Vietnamese and Malaysian restaurants.

These are also some our favorites before doing live shows, and we’ll snack on the leftovers after we’re finished.

What food do you love to feast on? Is there something you’ll eat before getting it on? Or do you wait until after to do your feasting?

Tell us what food you love!

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