NEW: Axel’s g-string in the shop now

We’ve got something new in our shop!

And we know some of you have been looking forward to this. It’s taken a little time but finally we have one of Axel’s g-string in the shop.

Axel’s g-string was worn during a live show. It saw quite a bit of activity too!

It was placed in a sealable plastic bag immediately after the show. Rest assured it has retained that special masculine musk.

We can make it fresh if you prefer, of course. The g-string is remarkably comfortable, doesn’t ride up and looks great. It’s a size XL (Australian sizing) and there’s only one of them right now.

Getting more clothing items to add to the shop is taking more time than we thought. When we’re thinking of selling a particular item, we end up loving it too much.

But now you can own a pair of Axel’s g-string – BUY IT NOW!

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