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You can buy our Mystery Box, find our videos, get signed photos of us and a range of clothing items directly from us.

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Oral B Fun | BUY FROM US

TheBeauty white leggings | BUY FROM US

A Loving Couple | BUY FROM US

TheBeauty best foot forward | BUY FROM US

TheBeauty Rides Again | BUY FROM US

The Best Way to Start 2024 | BUY FROM US

Steamy Shower Passions | BUY FROM US

Public Pool Fun | BUY FROM US

TheBeast Just Because | BUY FROM US

Our Mystery Box

We love to party, to shop and to f@*k. We also know how much these things mean to you our fans and followers.

That’s why we’re now offering TheBeauty TheBeast Mystery Box. We want everyone to have a slice of the action and every month or so, you will have the opportunity to buy the TheBeauty TheBeast Mystery Box.

Well we’re not going to tell you! That’s why it’s a Mystery Box.It could be filled with jewellery or art or branded lingerie. There could be some sentimental items or signed photos or things like our favourite kind of chocolate.It might have our favourite kind of masturbator, dildo or vibrator.

Perhaps a box of our favourite variety of condoms or cock rings. That’s the thing – you just never know that’s why it’s called a Mystery Box.

But you will absolutely get your money worth! And we even take care of the Postage and Handling!

Signed Photos of Us

Get a signed photo of us dressed up or dressed down; and in our sexiest poses. We always look amazing so you’re guaranteed an amazing photo for your private collection of adult collectibles.

Photos come in A4 size and unframed.

At a great price of only $35 each (plus $10 P&H) they’ll make a great addition to your adult collection.

Private Live Cam Shows

We do Private Live Cam Shows that are just between you and us.

They’re more fun, a lot more naughty because we aren’t limited by the rules of a cam site and don’t have you worrying about your token count.

No interruptions by reminders about buying more tokens and you don’t have to worry about spy/voyeur mode with people watching!

Want something more fun and naughty, then book a Private Live Cam Show!

How long are sessions and what will it cost?

  • 30 minutes is $65
  • 45 minutes is $125
  • 60 minutes is $175

Custom Video

Custom Photo Album

Panties, Socks & Stockings

TheBeauty’s Pink Leggings

Panties – Yuka

Lingerie from Live Show

Make an offer on Yuka’s lingerie she wore during a live cam show. The lingerie was put into a ziplock bag immediately following the show to capture her essence for your enjoyment.

Place a bid or make an offer on eBid

Intimates from Live Show

Make an offer on these delicate pieces of lingerie worn during a steamy live cam show. Put into a ziplock bag following the show so you can enjoy her sweet essence.

Place a bid or make an offer on eBid

Panties – Axel

You can buy one of Axel’s g-strings he wore during a live cam show March 2024. The g-string is a camo print, and was put into a sealable plastic bag.

Stockings – Yuka

None available right now

Socks – Yuka

None available right now

Socks – Axel

None available right now


If you’re not familiar with what a cumtribute is – it is photo that’s cummed on.

Axel will tribute a photo you supply for $7.50 per photo. You can also get a video of it for only and extra $15.

He’s been tributing pictures for over a decade. We’d provide some samples but we can’t betray peoples’ confidence and privacy.

And that means your privacy is going to be protected too!

You will get sent:

  • His erection on your photo(s)
  • Action shot and
  • The money shot on each photo!

He doesn’t ask questions but he does need a name and a back story, unless you want him to make it up. But a name is a must. He says it helps him muster up a huge tribute.

The name you give doesn’t have to be a real name. It’s not like he’ll know if you’re telling the truth.

What you need to supply:

  • Large JPG or PNG image file(s)
  • A name and
  • A back story unless you want him to make it up

Yuka’s Amazing Art

Yuka loves to paint. She has won many awards and had her paintings shown in galleries across South East Asia, Japan and Australia.

Yuka mostly does portraits of people and animals or people with animals (or animals with people).

Yuka can create beautiful paintings in a range of styles – her favourite style is anime.

She’s also amazing at making beautiful paintings from photos.

All of the art you see in Yuka’s Gallery is for sale. She will even do paintings from pictures you send her!

You can also commission Yuka to paint you a masterpiece for your home or office? Contact her here.

You can also commission Yuka to paint something for you. Get in touch with her here!


Support Our Content

Make a contribution and you’ll be helping us to make live shows, pictures and videos that will really sizzle and that you’ll enjoy! 😈🍆

DISCLAIMER: all the people appearing in our photos and videos are adults – we have verified their identification and proof of age. They have provided enthusiastic consent to be involved in our productions, as well as SIGNED A model release.

Any concerns should be directed to us immediately here.