3 Tips for Looking after your Sex Toys

In this post, we share our top 3 tips for looking after your sex toys.

Your sex toys add some extra fun for play time, and they are handy when you’re single or if your partner isn’t around or has a ‘headache’. The last thing you want though is to reach for your toy only to find it’s not working or not necessarily in a state you’d want to have near your genitals.

Since we use toys in our live cam shows and play time, we’ve learned a bunch of things about keeping our toys in good working order.

An assortment of sex toys laid out on a bed.
A range of sex toys from dildos to vibrators and masturbators to anal beads

So here are our top 3 tips for looking after your sex toys.

1. Wash After Use

When you buy toys there are, 9 times out of 10, instructions on how to wash them included, so follow those instructions. But if you’ve thrown them out then this will be helpful.

After every use of your toys you have to wash them, and wash them after play time. Not tomorrow or the day after, wash them when you’re finished using them. You should not use heavy duty cleaners for them as it will cause them to deteriorate. Instead use warm water and microfibre cloth (or some other kind of soft cloth) and make sure you wash it thoroughly inside and out. 

If you have a masturbator, get right in there to the very bottom with the cloth. If it’s a masturbator with a sleeve, take out the sleeve first to make it easier to clean. 

Make sure you remove the batteries, battery pack or powered element to avoid getting them wet because if you do you’ll need to get a new toy.

A pile of sex toys in various sizes and colors
Courtesy of PleasureBetter

It’s definitely worth getting toy cleaning products. They’re not that expensive and will help sanitize your toys and make sure they don’t grow any funky shit on them like mold. They’re available through all adult stores and even Amazon and Temu have them.

If you have a masturbator, get a silicone cleaning brush. It really, really helps with getting all the cum out of it.

Once you’re finished washing them, make sure you dry them properly. For most sex toys just use a dry microfiber cloth. Then put them in a place that’s out of the sun but will get a bit of breeze through an open window. 

For your masturbators, to get excess water off immediately use a dry microfiber cloth. Then hang them on a sleeve stand. If you want to be sure, buy some drying sticks. They really do a great job of getting the moisture out of masturbators in particular.

Using microfiber cloths is the best way to go because they trap dust, hair and flotsam that might get on your toy. Using other sorts of cloths you will get the dust and dirt back on your toy with each wipe. It will be a very annoying experience, so get some microfiber cloths for your toys.

2. Look After The Batteries

If you have a toy or toys that use batteries, make sure you take them out if you don’t use your toy(s) regularly. 

It’s just like any other battery-powered device, and the advice for them is to take out the batteries if the item isn’t used regularly. But if you do use them regularly you only need to worry about them running out of juice before you’ve got the juice out.

If your toys are rechargeable, many toys sold these days are rechargeable, you are wise to make sure you don’t leave them to charge overnight. This is likely to damage the battery over time and result in a toy that doesn’t have the power to last the distance.

A stack of batteries
A stack of batteries

Think of your rechargeable toys like your mobile devices. Don’t overcharge them all the time and make sure you let them go completely flat once in a while.

Avoid using things like fast charge as this can also damage the battery, especially if this is something you do a lot.

Just make sure you give your toys a charge up when you know you’re going to be using them ahead of time. Just remember that for rechargeable toys, they stay charged up for quite some time so you should be alright to play with them the next time the mood takes you.

The best thing to do is to charge them after you finish cleaning them. But if you’re keen to hit the sack then charge them the following day after work.

3. Store Them Correctly

You’ve washed your toys, you’ve taken care of the batteries, now you have to store them correctly. And storage is super important.

Before putting them away, just make absolutely sure that your toy(s) is dry.

Then you put them somewhere out of direct sunlight and in a place that’s not too hot. Direct sunlight and warm, humid air can really deteriorate your toy quickly. It will sound silly but if you have a small drawstring bag, put your toy in it then put it in your cupboard.

You can put it in your sock draw or the draw beside the bed, but make sure that they are not getting direct sunlight. That’s why we suggest the cupboard because they’re usually at the back of a room and don’t get direct sunlight.

If you really want to be sure, get yourself a dedicated toy bag. You can get these from adult stores or even Amazon or outlets like Temu. They’re usually black canvas bags that will keep the dust and dirt from getting on your toys.

Take out your toys once in a while to check on them and to make sure they’re still in working condition. Of course, this is only important if you don’t use them regularly. When you check them just wipe them down again with some toy cleaner on a microfiber cloth and then put them away again.

A person out of shot is hold up a large drawstring bag
A drawstring bag is a great way of protecting your toys

If you have masturbators that aren’t the sleeve, or cup kind, you should lightly dust them with corn flour or cornstarch. You don’t need to use too much and if there’s excess just wipe it off with a dry microfiber cloth.

Using the cornstarch will soak up any moisture you didn’t dry off and will help protect the material from deteriorating. It’s a good idea to check these toys regularly to see if the cornstarch soaked up any moisture, and to give them another light dusting.

Perhaps you regularly use your toys, and if you do you probably don’t have to put them in the bottom of a cupboard or wardrobe. But definitely get a drawstring bag for your toy. They will help keep the dust and stray hairs off them.

An assortment of sex toys laid out on a bed
Look after your toys and you’ll get thousands of hours of joy from them

There you have it, our 3 top tips for looking after your sex toys. 

It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s not too hard and doesn’t take that long to clean your toys, make sure you look after your battery and then put them away.

What tips do you have for looking after your sex toys?

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