Free Downloads

We love our subscribers, our regular live show visitors and contributors.

And we wanted to show our appreciation for our subscribers, regulars and contributors. We thought about doing a giveaway of sorts. It takes a lot of work to do a giveaway and we’re a bit lazy when it comes to doing things like giveaways.

It was also important to us to make sure everyone who supports us was able to get something.

So we decided to give something free to our subscribers, regulars and contributors. What came to us late one night was Free Downloads!

If you’re a paid subscriber you will already have seen this because you get access to our special discord server. And you would’ve seen the notification about the downloads.

Since we have some restrictions here we thought the best thing we could do without risking losing our site again was to provide some free downloads.

And what are these free downloads?

The easiest thing we could do to provide you with free downloads is to do a series of wallpapers for your mobile devices and desktops. They’ll still work for your laptop – we tested them.

We have a bunch for you to download so you can pick and choose and mix it up depending on your mood.

None of them will cause you problems out in public. We don’t want you coming across a Karen that gets in your face about your mobile wallpaper.

Ready for the free downloads?

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