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  • Cunnilingus: It’s good for you

    There are lots of things people like to tell you that’s healthy for you or what to eat to live a longer life. It’s crazy how many ads there are about gym membership or how something called trans fats are bad for us. But have you thought about cunnilingus?

  • We’re doing a Live Cam Show Today!

    We’re doing a live show today! Yep you read that right! LIVE CAM SHOW TODAY! Hit the link so you know where you can find our live cam show.

  • A Live Show is Coming Today!

    LIVE SHOW TODAY! Don’t miss out on spending quality time with us. Remember friends with vibes make for better shows for you and us 😈

  • Fetishes…don’t be embarrassed!

    We all have a fetish or three. There’s no shame in liking a particular thing. What’s a fetish you have that you might feel embarrassed about?


    LIVE SHOW – RIGHT NOW! Don’t miss out on spending quality time with us.Cum on what are you waiting for? 😏😈