Fetishes…don’t be embarrassed!

We all have a fetish or three.

There’s no shame in liking a particular thing. Well unless it’s the kind that’s very very wrong.

But we all have something that gets us wild.

Having a fetish doesn’t mean you’re a pervert, or even kinky.

One fetish that Axel enjoys cuming on tits and faces, especially Yuka’s tits and face. He’s also a big fan of bukkake. But they’re not the only fetishes he has.

For some people having sex in public is their thing. Some people love feet, or have a big thing for hair.

For others the big fetish is their favourite ‘doll’.

Being an adult content creator it is surprising how many people are embarrassed about their fetish.

Whenever talk turns to fetishes, there is usually some mumbling or attempts to steer the conversation away from the topic. There are also those who get wild talking fetishes – maybe that’s their fetish – and can’t wait to tell you what they enjoy that isn’t just ‘normal’ sex.

It seems that our society has spent too much time worrying about what people do in their bedrooms, and if isn’t the vanilla boring kind of sex then you’re a freak who needs to be institutionalised.

Even how fetishes are dealt with in popular culture is usually quite shallow, something that is embarrassing and if you reveal something that isn’t ‘normal’ you’re a target for shame and ridicule.

If we can talk about other things about sex, why not fetishes?

So let’s get the conversation started! What’s your fetish?

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