A Merry XXXmas Raffle

If you joined our live cam shows over Christmas you might have caught Santa with his huge sack visiting TheBeauty.

Well okay Santa wasn’t in our live cam shows but we did have a special gues appearance from Bad Santa!

Bad Santa had a lot fun with Yuka (she truly is TheBeauty) and this time of year should be about fun, festivities, and fooling around. Well that’s when you can get away from the family members you wish would forget where you live.

We had such a great time doing the show that our “studio” (aka our bedroom) had that wonderful smell of sweat, sex and cum!

I love that smell.

Yuka loves it too. In fact she wanted to share the smell with you. (We know you love it too)

That’s why we’re running the “XXXmas Raffle”.

There are 100 raffle tickets to buy for AU$10 a ticket and you can buy 1 or 100.

Winner announced on 5 January 2024 – tickets go on sale on 29 December!

All the details and information you need for the raffle are here.

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