What should we review?

There are lots of adult products and services out there. They all make massive claims about how great their product and/or service is.

There are also a lot of adult products and services that don’t come close to the claims made in their marketing. And there are even more that don’t do anything at all.

You might have already seen our first review with TheBeast doing a review of masturbators for men.

We thought about doing a review of masturbators for women but we’ll do that some other time. And it seems like it’s a bit too soon to be doing that review since we did a review of them for men.

Plus TheBeauty thinks it’s not a good idea to do right now…so you know the rule. She who must be obeyed LOL

But when we talked about it we decided what we really want to do is to review things you want us to review!

We want to help others find the right products and services, and ones that actually deliver on their marketing claims.

Sooooo…put your thinking caps on and let us know!

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