TheBeauty TheBeast Reviews

“TheBeauty TheBeast Reviews” is a video project or show or whatever you want to call it, but it’s about testing and reviewing adult products and services so you get the scoop on What’s Hot, What’s Not and What’s Hell Nooo!

We know what it’s like to look at the huge range of toys, aides and other devices. Then there are those toys and accessories for bondage play. There are even now a range of products available for golden shower enthusiasts.

Not to mention the range of various services – we’re not talking personal kind.

(There are just far too many to review. And what would we use to measure the results?)

But there are services like tantric sex advisors and herbalists that provide diagnostic services and recommend therapies or exercises to try.

Even the massage parlour that doesn’t offer a rub-and-tug is a great service to helping you. But Axel is always happy to try out a rub-and-tug massage parlour.

You can get some tips there about how you can massage your significant other, or that date you’re trying to win over. A nice massage can be a winner for everyone.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good massage? (Still not talking about the rub-and-tug kind)

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There are lots of products and lots services around so we thought doing some reviews would help us and you know what to use and what to avoid!

If you want us to review an adult product or service get in touch.

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