TheBeauty TheBeast TV’s Banner Exchange

We love supporting our fellow adult content creators and those working across the adult entertainment industry whether in bars, parlors or providing personal services.

It can be difficult to use some of the digital tools available to promote and advertise our content and services, with website hosting providers and website service providers making it difficult with overly hostile terms to effectively promote our content and services.

While there are an ever growing number of fan and cam sites, and sites supporting the promotion of personal service providers, there are still lots of limitations.

We definitely appreciate the promoter accounts on various social media sites – risking their accounts being terminated without notice at the whim of the big companies or being DDOS’d by overzealous religious types.

But one thing we do know is that having well designed banners (with good SEO) spread across many sites makes a real difference.

I’ve been working in digital media and online business for a very long time, well before Google was a thing.

Since Yuka and I want to support our fellow adult content creators and people in the adult entertainment industry, we’ve decided to offer a Banner Exchange.

It’s not so much an exchange since you don’t have to have our banner on your site, but we liked the sound of it and it’s stuck with us.

How our Banner Exchange works

We can offer this because we host our own website and with my experience working in the digital industry for so long, I’m familiar with what does and doesn’t work for banners and their associated links.

Here’s how the Banner Exchange works.

  1. You send us a banner in PNG/JPEG format no longer than 150KB and the link you want included for it.
  2. We put it on our Banner Exchange page
  3. Each day we provide 1 to 2* optimised promotion(s) for each banner on our Banner Exchange page. across our social media accounts.
  4. Everyone’s banners will be promoted at the best times for each social media platform.
  5. We will have a “Spotlight Banner” each week, which will receive up to 5 optimised promotions each day for 7 days.
  6. The Spotlight Banner will change each week.

Our Banner page is fully optimised for SEO and regularly reviewed to ensure meta tags and headings are keeping up with the latest trends and changes.

Getting Banners Added to the Exchange

Banners can be added to the Exchange for just a few dollars.

  • For $10 your banner is up for 7 days
  • For $120 your banner is up for 3 months and
  • For $420 your banner is up for 12 months.

The Spotlight Banner

Everyone who has a banner on the Banner Exchange page will be offered the opportunity to be the Spotlight Banner.

The Spotlight Banner is larger than the other banners with leaderboard banners located at the top, middle and bottom of the page. As mentioned earlier, the Spotlight Banner will get up to 5 optimised promotions every day for 7 days.

To be the Spotlight Banner will cost $35.

If you’ve already been listed as a Spotlight Banner, you will not be eligible for the week after your week in the spotlight. The only exception is if no other person wants this opportunity.

Everyone will get reports on the performance of their banners with suggestions about improvements to banners.

Since we’re just starting the program, the first Spotlight Banner will be from the person who registers and pays for it first with everyone else who wants it being rolled out in the following weeks in the order registrations and payments are received.

Banner Sizes to display on our Exchange

Banners need to be the following sizes:

  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels and maximum file size 150KB OR
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 pixels and maximum file size 150KB AND
  • Mobile banner: 300 x 50 pixels and maximum file size 150KB

Spotlight Banner Sizes to display on our Exchange

  • Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600 pixels and maximum file size 150KB OR
  • Large Rectangle: 336 x 280 pixels and maximum file size 150KB AND
  • Mobile banner: 300 x 50 pixels and maximum file size 150KB AND
  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixels and maximum file size 150KB

This is a great opportunity to have your banner located on another site at extremely competitive prices being run by someone with a long history in rolling these sorts of programs.

So if you’re ready…

Let’s get started hanging your Banner!

Your Details and Banner

If you need to chat with us about the Banner Exchange hit us up on WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype

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