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You might be wondering where all the good stuff is – where are the videos and pictures.

Don’t blame you for thinking that.

Unfortunately we have to be careful about what we publish. If we go a little too far we might find our website cancelled – again.

Even just a little bit too much ass cheek could mean no more website.

But we have alternatives so you can get the hot content you’re here for – places like ManyVids, AdultNode and SendOwl.

To be honest, it’s not really what we wanted to do.

Our website is a great place to find out about us and the kinds of things we get up to. You know our daily stuff but we also wanted you to be able to buy our content too.

So to get around some of the bullshit, we’ve been building a Discord server where we can upload our content in a place that gives you more access to us. It also means a sweet community of horny people.

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DISCLAIMER: all the people appearing in our photos and videos are adults – we have verified their identification and proof of age. They have provided enthusiastic consent to be involved in our productions, as well as SIGNED A model release.

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