Exclusive Easter Discounts

Easter is coming and we’ve got discounts to offer!

We don’t do discounts that often but since we really enjoy Easter we decided to do exclusive discounts for all of our fans.

(If you’re a paid subscriber you’ll get a bigger discount)

The discounts cover all our content and everything in our store – everything except subscriptions.

This is a perfect chance to get our hot content cheaper!

But not gonna lie, we really, really, really enjoy Easter a lot!

It’s not necessarily for religious reasons, but here in Australia we get extended time off over the Easter weekend and it gives us a great reason to eat lots and lots of chocolate!

And we loooooove chocolate.

We don’t need reasons to eat it but it helps that it’s Easter coz it means no-one looks at us like we’re weirdos for buying enough chocolate to feed an army for years.

It’s also a great time to head out of the city.

There are lots of great spots that aren’t hours away and they aren’t ridiculously expensive either. There are seriously too many options!

This year we’re thinking of heading to a campsite for nudists or spending time at a nudist beach or doing some glamping at a luxe place in the mountains.

We’re so lucky there are amazing places that are quite close to the city.

But we can’t make up our minds. We need your help – VOTE IN OUR POLL!

Of course we’ll share our Easter fun with fans (what we can share will depend on where we go) but the really good stuff will be saved for our paid subscribers.

So you’ve gotten this far expecting to get those sweet Easter discounts right?

Waiting to finally get the details of when the discounts start and how much discount you can get?!

Well we’ve been teasing you!.

No, we’re only joking! Here are the discounts you’ve been waiting for!

ManyVids Discount

The discount applies from March 29 starting at midnight and goes to 11:30pm on April 2

FairPay Discount

The discount applies from March 29 starting at midnight and goes to 11:30pm on April 2.

NOTE: FairPay only has content from Axel (TheBeast) available!!

If you were a paid subscriber you’d be enjoying 40% off!

Become a paid subscriber and get a larger discount!

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