Easter is coming!!

Can you believe how fast the year is going by? Feels like we were holidaying in Indonesia not long ago!

And now Easter is just around the corner. A case of blink and you might miss it LOL

With Easter coming we thought we’d do some fun new content and live shows that have an Easter theme.

How cute would Yuka look in a bunny outfit? Yeah a sexy bunny outfit!

I’ll have to put on some bunny ears just to get into the festivities. Plus I’ll look pretty cute in bunny ears! Maybe even get myself some panties with a bunny tale on them.

And of course we’ll have to have eggs, lots of chocolate – even use some delicious chocolate sauce during live shows. I mean Yuka already tastes pretty sweet but she’ll taste even sweeter with some chocolate sauce.

One of the joys of living in Australia is the amount of public holidays we get and there’s a very long weekend for Easter. So it’s got us thinking about getting away for a break.

We’re thinking about heading to a nudist camp. Or maybe do some glamping. Could be a great way of getting some hot new content for our subscribers.

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We’d love to hear what you guys think we should do for our Easter content and live shows. If you got thoughts on going to a nudist camp or glamping let us know!

Keep your eyes peeled for a big Easter announcement

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