Tag: well-being

  • Our connection with the Other World

    We both have a very strong belief in the supernatural, the paranormal and the world that exists in our world. We call it the Other World. Are you a believer?

  • Ageing, Injuries from Youth, and ED

    Growing up I’d hear a lot about erectile dysfunction (ED) from the older men in my life. They didn’t call it that but that’s what it was. But what can be done about it?

  • Cunnilingus: It’s good for you

    There are lots of things people like to tell you that’s healthy for you or what to eat to live a longer life. It’s crazy how many ads there are about gym membership or how something called trans fats are bad for us. But have you thought about cunnilingus?

  • Art is an aphrodisiac

    Art is an incredible medium for expressing a lot of things. It can express feelings, sensations and moods. And everyone seems to have opinions about art. But it’s a powerful aphrodisiac too!

  • Shop till you’ve squirted your last drop!

    Looking to shop for TheBeauty TheBeast TV content? You’ll find all the places you can get our content here!