Our Collection delayed

Unfortunately due to the outage we had we missed our chances to get all of the Collection uploaded for final work by an editor friend OS.

Why couldn’t they still do it?

Fair question to ask. Well, they’re very busy and always working on a bunch of projects with different deadlines and degrees of difficulty. And they are doing this for us for free.

They are going to do the final edits but can’t work on it right now.

We’ve been guaranteed though that the Collection will be ready this coming week. They haven’t even given us a final deadline yet.

So it looks like everyone who missed out on getting on our HAWT HALLOWEEN COLLECTION List has more time.

DISCLAIMER: all the people appearing in our photos and videos are adults – we have verified their identification and proof of age. They have provided enthusiastic consent to be involved in our productions, as well as SIGNED A model release.

Any concerns should be directed to us immediately here.