Let’s Chat!!

I really love chatting with you guys about your kinks and fetishes.

It’s never boring and it’s great getting to know our fans and followers. Plus we always hear something new.

Sometimes we even say to each – “that sounds like fun wanna try it!”

But there’s really nothing taboo for me or TheBeauty 😈 Obviously we don’t engage in anything that is illegal!!

If you like a chat then you’ve found the right place!

Yuka isn’t much for doing chatting. She prefers to purr and make those sweet groaning noises that drive me wild.

But I’ve been in chatting for a long time. You can blame those sex chat lines and adult internet forums!

We can chat live and get into those things people tell us are too kinky…or even taboo it’s just the new black.

But once we’re done, we’ll both need a nap.

Check out the list of Live Chat options – SMS, phone and video!

So what are you waiting for – let’s chat 💦

We’ll answer your questions on WhatsApp and we can make arrangements for chatting on there but nothing is free!

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