Lubes ain’t lubes

Not all lubricants are the same.

I think there was an advert about this. You know the one – oils ain’t oils.

The same can be said about personal lubricant.

For starters every one should be using water based lubes ONLY!

If you’re reaching for the olive oil then you’re gonna get a surprise. Possibly not one that you want (or right now).

Some lubricants are designed for backdoor action. It tends to be a bit thicker since that part of the body doesn’t lubricate itself.

If you want some vaginal play then grab yourself some of the regular stuff. There’s a variety to choose from.

They can be warming or cooling. They can be flavoured.

And some even claim to be slippier than their competitors! Not sure about that one. I guess we’re going to have to do some testing!

But whatever you do make sure you’re using the right lube for the right job.

Leave that grease gun in the shed. (Well unless you both think it’s fun in the bedroom!)

Do you have a favourite lube? Let us know and we can swap notes.

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