TheBeauty TheBeast Reviews…Masturbators

For our very first review TheBeast reviews “masturbators”.

There is surprisingly large selection of “masturbators” available to buy in Australia.

If you didn’t know, “masturbators” are sex toys used by men (primarily) for the purpose of masturbating. The toys make the joy of wanking more pleasurable.

It also means fewer callouses from wanking too much ๐Ÿ˜‰

We won’t say where they were purchased, but you can always hit us up on the socials or send a message.

But we’re sure you’re going to be fascinated by the range.

Axel was definitely surprised by the range – there were so many different varieties and types available. And 99% of them are available in your local adult store.

Make sure you show your local adult store some love this festive season. They deserve it!

There’s a huge range and Axel just couldn’t get to them all. There are the Fleshlight which are always good. There are a bunch of different things like “reusable” eggs and ones shaped like bottles.

Of course there are the full sized sex dolls and ones that are only torsos or will only provide you with a blowjob – you can cum on the tits rather than the face or mouth.

You’re going to be told some things you want to know; and somethings you probably didn’t want to know.

Check out the preview video below!

You’ve seen the preview NOW watch the full review here ($)

We wanna hear your thoughts about masturbators. Let us know if you got any recommendations.

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