All about me, from Yuka xoX

Welcome to my world, and now 04.12am Melbourne Australia time. Just like ordinary girl, I still love to play with the dolls not a sex toys all the time. For dolls, yes I still love to seing barbie at the some and then do the purchase when I really want it soo much!

And then I play it around in my bedroom and until couple of months I get bored normally I would send it to my family…next and then back to another shop or browsing it online to find a new dolls now on to keep as collection, and yes to play!

Also nowadays I got you all to listen from my heart what I would spread it here in words. Besides our romance most of the time with Axel but Axel doesn’t do play with my doll my girly worlds at the moment xoX- taking a break on my private time my ‘girly world’.

Girl in her world, here come one of my new favorite stuffs to show on!

Introduce to you ‘my baby boy’ – oh were I wishingly to have it soon with Axel. But at moment, this would be alrite to play it in my fantasy being a mum with her son.

Whenever at moment I would call this boy ‘Sandy’ as easy as I pronounce it.

One of my collection of the dolls I have with me in home. Yes, as my favourite one, does it looks like a real baby for you to see it, isn’t?

The texture of it soo smooth and squishy like a rubber! So I keep holding it in my hands and sing a song…’Twinkle, twinkle little star…’ Oh I wish I become a superstar!’

Whenever I sound like a bit dreamy, I’m still soo much fun to be around am I?

So guys, I would like to invite you all to be in my mystery box challenge, welcome to spend for yourself for perhaps a special gift from me…xoX.

And ‘Sandy’, who ever he’s my baby boy at moment could be yours to look after it. He’s adorable and cute to had around your home!

For someone who really lucky on my draw mystery gift game…xoX You definitely won’t regret if you the one only winner for having ‘Sandy’ at your home.

This is the only one that I have on my private girly collection.

Would you willing to spend a fortune on our ‘Mystery Gift Box?’

Army looks of me…I sound sexy masculine…yum!

Guys are all turning hot cause of me, that my wish to come true, entertaining yours to climax time were we are in!

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