Category: Her

  • Art Show!

    Yuka’s art accepted to a regional art show! She’s got amazing talents!

  • He does meaning everything’s for me right now…

    When woke up from dreams, having a boys looks around the lounge room… To find him! Absolutely, feels like a thousand years that not seen each other, I’m already miss him soo much… Nothing I wanted only a ‘good morning kisses and hug’ from Axel. And enjoy the feeling in my hearts play around, soft…

  • Killing the time!

    Killing the time. That’s words come out from my other Asian friend in this country Australia (Melbourne).

  • TheBeauty and her sexy legs

    TheBeauty has amazing legs. I love feeling them and I especially love feeling them wrapped around me! Did you see our short with Yuka out for a walk?

  • Out for a walk

    Out for a walk

    Yuka went out for a walk and I decided to follow along with a camera of course.