He does meaning everything’s for me right now…

When woke up from dreams, having a boys looks around the lounge room…

To find him! Absolutely, feels like a thousand years that not seen each other, I’m already miss him soo much…

Nothing I wanted only a ‘good morning kisses and hug’ from Axel.

And enjoy the feeling in my hearts play around, soft and warm…Slow heart beating in my chest mean peaceful for me.

We been a part less then a year in actual time but our feeling of love stronger and stronger and I believe that he wouldn’t walk away from me so do what I will be the same.

’Beauty’ were how he calls me so…isn’t true? How wonderful is my world be with him. I’m beautiful because of him were look after me…

a cup of coffee for me from the shop next door that he bought for me at in the morning, made my day soo bright.

Having a relationship with someone, yes that’s my dream and perhaps for everybody dreams especially girl.

If have a right one? Then entire day and night would be greatful.

Walking outside street now mostly not be soo much lonely anymore.

Not because of the job I’m doing now with axel at life adult modeling . Outside home we are still ordinary people, we never know who you are to read my story but I do thankfully for your pay me in this site to listen a while a truth from my heart.

Knowing axel a year ago from internet was changed my life to be happier and so when he asked me to perform on live show or in the video I definetely do it!

For replace he’s kindness and caring about me soo much more than anyone man I know that been in my life actually.

If anyone knowing that I’m from strict country that migrate to Australia , maybe was wondering around soo much what I done having adult site.

But I wouldn’t care at all about whole the religious people from my country or in this entire world to judge me? I live because the God with me and as human being part of God create us two become one.

I don’t think so you were are as cruel as my mum to judge and try to set up her own daughter life in my country, so I’m here in Australia at our website.

Look forward to entertain your eyes and warm up your heart too a bit now hopefully from what I been write here.

Truly story from what I experience in life with and without axel at several time.

Before being a single, most of the time I hate it myself. And so thats why I keep trying everywhere through from the shops, clubs, and then internet.

Until I’m really somehow when sick of guy, on the right timing I thought I found true love and the right match on Axel.

Why Axel not one of you guys? Because I feel deep he’s trying really hard to get me to be with him in this world as a partner. And perhaps he’s the only one who will chase me and care for me. He fulfill what I need in my heart and a dream, the emphtyness after always bee betrayed after use for man satisfaction.

That’s what you guys mostly do right? Sometime don’t care of woman satisfaction in sex at all…

At our movies shows more about how he treat me with gentlement. And naturally I’m satiesfied not acting.

Perhaps since 2023 I started this live performing video with Axel what I express is my great feeling…and mostly if I’m quite most of time because I’m enjoy i, and then shy too…but definetly I not pretender!

When you guys watching my vidio, my hope for you is you can learn to treat woman like him, to satiesfied her as well…!

Welcome and enjoy your viewing of enjoy me!

How lucky I’m and now started blooming like my flower everyday when find someone who love me and treat me good in sex activity!

That’s what every woman’s wants to be with the ‘real gentlement’!

And we capturing our ‘love and romance’ for you guys to learn and to get entertained…So enjoy!

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