Killing the time!

That’s words come out from my other Asian friend in this country Australia (Melbourne).

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This is my world, my talent and my hobby that I can focus on doing it to absolutely satisfy my feeling and heart.

And this is the site begin for me to contribute something about nature of me in my life to share to you guys when ever you wanted to killing your time too and where ever you are be at especially with your mobile! xoX.

This art were made by me in 2019. A big huge dog were walking in the street at footscray suburb with an old lady in her late 60’s.

This male dog were soo friendly to me at all give a sniff and wag the tail on me as stranger that walked pass him. Also he’s very adorable looking at all so I took photo of him.

Later a week after the pic I was started the painting and submit it to art show. And I was finalize!

This been a while now and we’re expecting someone would like to offer me for this art though.

I’m waiting for put a frame only will be adorable framed art to hanging at wall! Size 50cm x 50cm!

Well I created something for killing the time rather then spend money on casino, Oh no, yes my friend did!

and what happened for it surely my friend were pawning stuffs to me at all that they got from stealing at store, OMG isn’t?

Oh well, you will never win against casino even actually I wanted too that someday I would be in Las Vegas with Axel, but perhaps,…

Just for get Re-Married. Love and Sex xoX

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