Tag: artwork

  • Art Show!

    Yuka’s art accepted to a regional art show! She’s got amazing talents!

  • Killing the time!

    Killing the time. That’s words come out from my other Asian friend in this country Australia (Melbourne).

  • Art is an aphrodisiac

    Art is an incredible medium for expressing a lot of things. It can express feelings, sensations and moods. And everyone seems to have opinions about art. But it’s a powerful aphrodisiac too!

  • Yuka’s got lots of talents

    If you’ve seen our live shows then you know Yuka has lots of talents. She knows how to get Axel’s attention! Axel still doesn’t know why you guys don’t help him out with a private session to bring the pressure down for all of us 😏 But Yuka has lots of other talents too!

  • Want a little piece of TheBeauty’s talents?

    TheBeauty has a lot of talents. Check out one her many, many talents!