Yuka’s got lots of talents

If you’ve seen our live shows then you know Yuka has lots of talents. She knows how to get Axel’s attention!

Axel still doesn’t know why you guys don’t help him out with a private session to bring the pressure down for all of us ๐Ÿ˜

But Yuka has lots of other talents too!

She is an amazing artist. Yuka creates beautiful paintings and does them from photos, pictures from the internet and wherever else she gets her inspiration.

Yuka loves painting and it’s pretty amazing to see her take a blank canvas and turn into a masterpiece. She also an award winning artist too!

She’s worked on anime projects and had her work shown in galleries in South East Asia and Australia.

There’s no doubt Yuka’s got lots of talents!

Check out some her artwork

When Yuka has more paintings done we’ll post them in a special gallery!

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