Art Show!

My art has been accepted to be in the art show in country Victoria!

We’re really happy about that but were also before putting on the contest were having self confidence about my talent.

And then thinking about going date with Axel to where the contest is, should be something gonna be very special at all isn’t it?

My wish to win at all and then guarantee I would be very generous to you at all who spending money on our mysterious gift box at all.

Daily life now recently at home and doing online shopping oh am I soo boring at all? And sometimes also Axel were complaining at me at all.

Yeah thinking again about my life, oh well what could I do except doing the live show and writing my feeling here at the blog!

We are do go out sometime for restaurant nearby.

As woman, to partner, the bill at restaurant I cover while the entire living together been covered by Axel at all.

Isn’t give a good feeling when you do treat your partner sometime, not all the time get treated! Or always taken…and taken…

Especially when you love him…

Naturally since kid I love to drawing. Anything include on the wall until my parent are sol angry to me at all.

Express my feeling and I were doing not to bad that you guys could made an order with me any of portrait at all.

On art we talk about how colourful my life is and then to life style.

Also lots of expenses actually to create some art, every artist are different everywhere in the world.

Some artist love to show off in crowded street and basking everyone, but unlikely them either about myself.

I would like to paint much more in quite and private at my own space.

Sure whenever finish paint something I will do put it in online gallery for hopes that someone would be interest to buy from me and gives bright on entire future my living.

Favourite things by me to draw is pretty woman, face and body on photo.

This is Elizabeth Queen II, one of my painting that goes to the art show in Kilmore.

You can buy selected paintings by Yuka in our shop!

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