Shopping it’s my life so completely…FUN…Part 2

Here I’m at the footscray tram stop we’re waiting to be come home…

OMG I were soo much missing Axel in my life for today at all. When at begginning, I were told ya that I’m going out from home. With deep breath can’t wait for sunshine and to walk around nearby home wondering what stuffs would be on the sale of today!

Here I’m now been to the post office shop.

Warm welcome of koala doll on sale was brighten my morning a while.

Guys do not forget to shop on our ‘Mystery Gift’! There’s something that you wouldn’t expect what I bought or what I pick from my collection at home or were found on daily shopping that I pick for today.

And would definitely not this dolly I show you on picture now, because I were get it for my new doll for the night! For this koala things…symbol of Australia.

And because of it’s called ‘Mysterious Gift’ of course I can’t tell you at all what been inside of the box…xoX

New Year just finished and from the star sign of rabbit now we’re moving to begin a year of the dragon.

My advice for you to continuously life in this year of dragon are…

’To move on from all that maybe not receiving good things in the past, so now on walk with faith of gain successfull on your career…’

In the year of dragon and because dragon were very generous animal in this world, so perhaps everyone would received all good things coming visit your life!

But be patient on when it going to be happened. Because everything’s good that will come in your life is not in such soo hurry! Walk to your life as slow as dragon walk in the air, then also…be wise to make decision in relationship.

Last it’s to not forget to be generous to each other human being in this world…For example, buying a mysterious gift from me perhaps could changed your day to be brighter. When having a feeling of curious about what you gonna get, sounds interesting?

And then, possibly purchased our mystery gift too for your family or friends!

Surprising and sharing a GIFT to someone else especially you loved or not or even your enemy at all…

Doesn’t it’s sounds like watering a flower that would grow beautifully in your heart.

In return, you may had received triple to ten times more of your good things returned back to you and you found…HAPPINESS!

Yes today, I have enough walking from one shop to another shop,in the middle of way home… I found something to purchased as present for my lovely Axel at home.

Sorry I can’t tell you what it is…I keep it as ‘SECRET’ until Axel found out himself what a cute things that I bring to home…

Yeah…time for home now waiting for tram…‘I’m coming home, papi Axel and ‘I LOVE YOU’.


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