Adult Memes and Themes

How many times have you been disappointed by groups on FB or Reddit that have “Adult Memes” or “Adult [INSERT WORD HERE]” in their title?

Like seriously, I’ve joined such groups and discovered that the only ‘adult’ thing about them was the fact they used the word Adult in the title of the group.

More than a few times I’ve been warned or kicked out or even banned for sending a pic or clip with a bit of skin. Usually with some kind of ‘reminder’ about the rules of the group. Most times it’s a stupid rule that’s near the end of a list of 100 rules.

(Side note: I’m not going to read all their rules when I don’t even read the details of those privacy and use policies that you have to ‘agree’ you’ve read and understood before you can start using an app or whatever.)

I’d be more understanding if I was doing something outrageous and I’m not talking about full nudity or even showing off my cock! Luckily there are some great groups here that aren’t like that.

They definitely get kudos from me.

If you’re going to start groups and include the word “Adult” in the title just to get fast growth in membership, don’t be offended by actual adult concepts and content. And if you are offended then you’re a wanker for trying to use the word “Adult” in your group’s title! Or at least put the stupid rules about swearing and/or nudity at the top of your list of rules.

Okay rant over! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Now here are a few adult memes to enjoy.

If you got recommendations for groups anywhere that are good for adult memes drop them in the comments!

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