We’re going to a Subscriber model

The title of the post basically says it all.

We want to make sure we’re delivering great content to people who actually want it and get to know our fans and followers better.

Over recent weeks we have both been bombarded by haters who have become more and more brazen. Rather than sharing with people like that, we thought moving to a subscriber model would mean less of those people who might mean us physical harm.

Nobody wants a stalker. Unfortunately a few of our recent interactions have made us concerned about the potential for stalkers.

We’re not going to stop making our content or being part of various social networks. But we don’t want to make ourselves easy targets for people who have nothing but hate in their hearts.

From Sunday we will be making a lot of our content available to paid subscribers only. We will make various posts open to everyone and you can subscribe to our site without paying but you won’t be able to see much more than the title.

Here are the subscriptions you can buy:

The Newsletter – $5/month

Gold Tier – $10/month

Platinum Tier – $20/month

Super Fan – $379.99/year

Super Huge Fan – $599.99/year

The True Believer – $2500 one-off payment lifetime access

More details about these will be released on Sunday.

Of course you can still buy our content from various fan sites. And we’ve opened our online shop for a variety of things.

Unfortunately that doesn’t include our steamy hot videos or pictures – our hosting platform has made it clear any uploading such content will mean our site will be taken down.

Here’s where you can get our hot pics and videos:

And bookmark this link for our shop for some other things like our Mystery Box and various items of clothing as well as Yuka’s amazing art!

BOOKMARK THIS LINK – thebeautythebeast.tv/shop

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