Sometime mood were swinging around between us. Yes every relationship at all always has a fight! But we have to stick stay together as a part.

Thinking about my life and our life gonna be!

While daily mood recently were about.. OMG again shop for home!

This is my new room sweet room we’re begin after I met Axel.

Never thought and plan in my life that now we become a part living together share life.

Starting is was soo sweet and I would like that it happened again. Still now were are together beauty and the beast.

Sometimes we were fight as normal couple and while most of time we are having own enjoy time.

Nothing that I can do at all but I would never gonna be my own again.

We’re happy for any woman in her life that someone would look after her and care and willing to do things together and share it to the world!

As you guys if have life as monoton then do not forget to watch us that perhaps we could put a smile on your face!

The most happiest now that my shop were opening here!!! On my moody time I spend on art things to do, created something and when mood and feeling good were created an enjoyable art to be seen.

My would and feeling were inside it, so welcome collector and definetely have lovely view at home when you made a purchase about art.

Love talking about art, also about sex…But the most important things is about LOVE.

When person to person meet and in love each other it always can’t be predictable about time when it happened!


It always feel comfortable when someone love you around you.

And when he ask to do anything then I’ll do everything for us to work together as happy couple.

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