Got a favorite sex toy(s)?

There was a time when going to buy a sex toy or three and being seen walking into your local adult shop would be the talk of the neighbourhood. And depending on the size of your town, sometimes it could be the talk of the whole town.

But now shopping for sex toys is no big deal. You can shop online, visit your local adult shop or head into a mega store.

Of course it’s not always easy to walk into the adult mega stores but they have a huge range of every kind of toy in every shape, size and colour. From vibrators to dildos to masturbators to anal plugs, wands and beads, there’s a toy for everyone.

There’s an impressive range of toys that can vibrate, rotate and even be controlled remotely.

The toys have gotten better making them more fun.

Some of the toys we play with

Personally I enjoy my butt plug, silicone dildo, and vibrating beads. I also love my lovense masturbator too.

The butt plug hits a few sweet spots at once, and it feels good to be filled from time to time. With the various vibration modes and patterns, my butt plug really gets the motor humming quickly. 

The vibrating beads do something similar but aren’t quite as filling. They are great when I don’t want to be stretched. But they hit the right spots and the vibrations (I can only adjust the speed of the vibration) adds to the experience.

The same applies to my silicone dildo. 

The silicone dildo with anal lube ensures easy entrance. The combination also makes for a great gliding motion for hot anal sex pleasure. Plus there’s the fact I can take it deep or just take the tip.

I can’t forget my masturbator! It is always fun to add to the mix (or when I want to have a wank) to get things going if I’m feeling a little wilted.

Yuka is new to using toys and has warmed up to the lovense lush. 

I wouldn’t say it’s her favorite toy since she’s not really into using toys. But she certainly enjoys using the lush during our live shows.

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So we want to know what’s your favorite toy and why it’s your favorite. Maybe you got more than one favorite toy like me.

Let us know!

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